For Worldwide Agents
A neutral and independent forwarder who has registered legally in his country.
A forwarder who has no exclusive agreement with any Chinese forwarder 
A forwarder who will deal in the name of fairness and honesty with all CCA members 
A forwarder with good reputation and credibility who will pay strictly all CCA members in the agreed timeframe. 
A forwarder who can provide a full coverage of service in their own country 
A forwarder who will respond to inquiries from other CCA members in time. All inquiries must be answered within 24 hours - even if a full answer is not ready, a response must be sent as acknowledging receipt of message and intent to provide full answer as soon as all details are available.
A forwarder who will keep all business information strictly confidential    
A forwarder who will not charge the station of origin break-bulk fees and handling fees unless agreed in their contract and will not overcharge the consignee compared to the market rate for all business given by CCA members.
A forwarder who must attend CCA annual conference once it became CCA member.
A forwarder who must pay its annual membership fee on time. Otherwise, the Board of Directors of CCA has the right to suspend and/or terminate its membership.
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