For Chinese Members
CCA will provide you with a network of trustworthy international forwarders worldwide
One agent for every country *
All CCA worldwide agents will provide you full coverage of services
Take care of your export shipments
Follow up your sales leads and secure the business for you
Collect freight on your behalf
Route business through you
Offer de-consolidation service
Yearly meetings in China for all members
Low travel expenses to meet all agents
Competitive air and ocean rates
One-stop communication center for your messages to all members around the World


The group targets to represent each country by at least one agent. In case of a lack in service in either air or ocean freight by a representing member, a second agent will be allowed to represent the same country.

Multiple agents are also allowed to represent the same country, if a non-exclusive membership is agreed, or the concerned agents in that country agrees to represent the country mutually.

An exception in exclusivity is made for the USA, due to the size of the market and the big demand of service from the Chinese agents. USA is a prime market for China. Most of the Chinese agents handle business from and to USA. The high number of Chinese CCA members is too much to be handled by one USA representative.

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