CCA Profile
Brief introduction of China Cargo Alliance Co. Ltd.

China Cargo Alliance Co. Ltd. (CCA) was established in 1999 by a team of experienced freight forwarders from China and Europe who saw the need to build up business relationships between Chinese forwarders and international forwarders worldwide. The founders of the alliance are Chinese and International experts in freight forwarding.

CCA is a forwarder network of Chinese air- and sea freight forwarders that are neutral, independent, Class-A or NVOCC certificate holders spread out in the entire China, and are connected international local medium sized freight forwarders from almost every country of the world.

Presently, the China Cargo Alliance comprises 120 members: 80 International forwarders operating in 53 countries and 40 Chinese Class-A or NVOCC forwarders operating in all ports of China with about 90 offices. The alliance is neutral; that is, all members are free to trade their services with other alliance members. But unlike other exclusive forwarding associations, member agents are free to conduct business wherever and with whomever they choose.

CCA provides the Chinese forwarding industry with an excellent network of international freight forwarders who not only handle their export shipments, but who allow to develop international business all over the world. CCA enables Chinese forwarders to compete with large multination forwarders by having a reliable international forwarder network and thereby providing good service and a competitive price.

For international forwarder CCA provides a network of Chinese agents which allows to develop new business relationships in the forthcoming potential Chinese market. This unique network of Chinese forwarders with its personalized and flexible service and its specific knowledge of the Chinese market in the single provinces is the ideal opportunity to compete against global forwarders.

Annual Conferences are organized by CCA to provide a forum where members can meet, discuss, and evolve mutual business opportunities.

Except acts as the bridge and support center of all members, the CCA also provides the following activities:

1) Network Support and organizing
2) China Trading services
3) China Trade Marketing
4) Supply Chain Management within China
5) Market Analysis and local forwarding solutions for Large Int’l forwarders who want to step into China; and for Chinese forwarders who want to ¡¡¡¡step into certain overseas country
6) Merge and Acquisitions services within China Forwarding industry
7) Wholesale freight services via CCA network in China

It is our philosophy to build our business on a friendly, sincere, honest, respective and mutual trust foundation. Business is always a two-way traffic , we need joint effort to accomplish the set target. We urge and encourage all our members to deal with all members in this way and play a fair game with one another. We firmly believe that only business relationships build on this foundation will guarantee a fruitful cooperation.

We bring China to the World and the World to China.

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